Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Family Tradition

So I lied. The very day I posted about not having any traditions around the table, my annual package from Mom arrived including her famous Halloween cookies. These delights are peanut butter with snickers bars in the middle (see photo). These morsels highlight my love-hate relationship with food. Few foods becon to me like these cookies, and I could eat the whole package, surely made with three sticks of real butter, in one sitting. Instead, I pine away my entire day at work to come home and eat half-a-dozen or so. Unfortunately, they only last a couple of days. I am not sure that my cholestorol level could handle any more, anyway.

I am always very interested in other's special culinary traditions, especially ethnic. So please post some comments about them. I will take on finding them and trying them out. My mother also blesses our family with an old Norwegian treat each Christmas that was handed down from my grandmother on my Dad's side, Lefse. You will be seeing more posts about this in the future.

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