Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feelings...talking about feelings...

Thanks for the invitation to collaborate on my second favorite subject. (Maybe even my third since buying my motorcycle.) Having sampled examples of the amazing red borscht, onion pierogies and napolean cake that Alex speaks of, I am fully knowing where she is coming from. There are some amazing ethnic traditions rooted deeply into food and at the dinner table. I hope she will share more about that as well as the food.

On the other hand, I don't feel like I have a tradition around the table, but there are a lot of feelings there about food, camraderie and love. Food is such a great analogy for our lives that I am going to take on exploring my humanity in cooking. Because frankly, as in life, I have a love-hate relationship with my food. It is more likely a love-love-hate relationship.

For instance, I cannot explain the deep sense of loss that I felt over my son's aversion to onions. Over the last number of years, it is a rare occasion that onions have been absent from any dish that I prepare or order or consumer. The blow was similar to my son taking root as fan of the arch-rival of my favorite football team. Can a son be disowned over onions? Are there other ingredients that can produce this response? What if he has a garlic allergy? I could even handle vegetarianism but not a garlic allergy.
Do others have this attachment to their food? When pondering the idea of food as a state of my being, ironically, garlic and onion are the sex life of my palate. Unquestionably important. I could survive without it (questionably), but the connection and spice that it adds to my life is immeasurable. A variety of foods have this context with me. Many things turn me on, gastronomically speaking, and produce a similar desire and passion within, but I find that often they are rooted in the flavoring of garlic and onion.

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